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We can't start a fire without a spark.



We promote new business incubation through open innovation and coordinate leading services and technology/business models of America to expand into Japan and Asian markets.

*The definition of open innovation is to introduce technologies developed by other companies through business alliance, capital injection, etc., and co-develop new products by allowing other companies to use your own company’s intellectual property.


We develop business together with customers through the three activities below.

  • We conduct deep investigation by analyzing the challenges of society, industry, and customers and selecting themes through coordination with the business department of Intec Japan or its customers.

  • We examine concrete joint ventures with American service companies and conduct examination and verification of market needs.

  • We promote proposals, technologies, business models, leading cases, service companies and POC, and commercialization to customers in cooperation with the business departments.




Currently, the keyword Fintech is garnering attention all over the world, and it is believed that it will have a huge impact on financial activities.

However, the meaning of this is to create a novel service model not through new, innovative technology, but through concentrating and utilizing to the fullest extent technologies such as security, AI, hybrid cloud, and utilization of blockchain.

We not only conduct investigation and research into fields where investment effect can be seen early, but we create new opportunities in financial activities in B2C and B2B to provide many products and services to customers and society.



The new age of AI is upon us. We believe this new technology is indispensable for the future growth of our customers as well as further convenience in daily life.

We coordinate application utilizing these new technologies to provide services that contribute to the continuous growth and development of customers and society.

INTEC I.T. USA joined partnership with Dataiku in Oct 2017. Dataiku who named a visionary in Gartner 2017 MQ for Data Science Platform, provides Collaborative Data Science Platform. INTEC I.T. USA is the first partner with Dataiku among Japanese companies.


The concept of the Metaverse has emerged as a keyword for addressing new work style by bringing new levels of social connection, collaboration, retention and mobility.

Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IoT) affects not only a single industry but every global industry and is a big trend in advanced corporate reform.

IoT is promoting innovation and new opportunities by introducing all objects, consumers, and activities into the digital area.

Companies are utilizing connectivity and analytical capacity to obtain business chances.

This is because utilizing IoT can bring about valuable results such as improving throughput, improving product quality, and shortening downtime.

Smart-connected products are likely going to create unimaginable novel value. Also, the data obtained from these products that are highly connected can be used to provide things that the customers truly want. Products and services will not increase, but a more meaningful result can be obtained.

We believe innovation through IoT is an inevitability, and we will conduct thorough research into the trends in this technology to provide many services to customers and society.

In June 2023, INTEC I.T. USA partnered with IKIN to develop a new platform based on their holographic display capabilities that do not require head sets or goggles. CBInsights highlighted IKIN as a company deserving of special recognition in their report.

IKIN is an exceptional company with cutting-edge holographic technology, and their presence continues to soar.



Naoto Imasato
Director, CEO
Takuya Kyogoku
Director, CFO
Shigeaki (Sam) Sakata, Director, COO
Shigeaki (Sam) Sakata
Director, COO
Shohei Kimura
Senior Researcher
スクリーンショット 2023-01-17 16.35.03.png
Ryo (Rick) Murasaki
Senior Researcher



4 West 4th Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94402

The main Werqwise reception is on the sixth floor.

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